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  • Mr. Demilade Ebo,
    Dahenric Crest Consult, Nigeria

    An excellent technical and service fit
    ValeurHR software is focused very much on what clients’ needs really are to ensure that the potential clients its puts forward for selection are an excellent fit both technically and economically. I found the team at ValeurHR are very dedicated and engaged in the various support drives they have worked together on and have no hesitation in recommending ValeurHR software to others who need management results.

  • Mr. Nitin Sharma,
    KBPL (Coca Cola India FBO), India

    I have seen vE - product launched by ValeurHR Team. No doubt, product is very good and advanced, it helps to employees to know their employment detail / performance / To Do List for Managing tasks / Leave Management, etc.

  • Ms. Umang Wadhwa,
    Anetcorp India Pvt. Ltd. India

    Found this an excellent tool!! vE is an easy to use web based HR solution that is well suited for any business. It is really helpful in maintaining and reporting employee information. It supports a great employee access portal. The support team is accessible and quick to respond too. The team promises to add more interesting and exciting features to the list of already existing useful ones. Well-deserved excellence award winner, Kudos to the vE innovation and development team. Thank you for making our lives easy.

  • Mr. Karamjit Singh

    With vE, our employees and business leaders are having dialogues they’ve never had the opportunity to have before.By bringing HR andProject management together in the safe cloud, we gain new levels of visibility into our company that helps us take faster and smarter business decisions.With vE, we have a single, unified suite of applications in the cloud that meets all of our functional requirements and gives us greater confidence in our analytics during the phase of our growth.”

  • testimonial1

    Dr.Sandeep Sood
    Guru Nanak Dev University, India

    vE is a social platform where user can share their views just like Facebook. The interactive features of vE makes it more appealing and its a collaboration which is an initiative of ValuerHR. vE can be used to build groups and can be used for educational and other enquiry purposes. Moreover, ValuerHR based data analytics platform is already working in our institution and students are provided with earning benefits through this learning scheme.

  • testimonial2

    Mr. Amar Rao
    Shoolini University, India

    vE is good collaboration tool provided by ValeurHR. It provides an awesome platform with great features such as microlearning. It is easily accessible and user friendly too.

  • testimonial2

    Ms. Farhat Kausar
    MM University, India

    vE is really a great tool through which we can connect with our classmates easily on same platform with different public or private groups and text them personal also, sharing of different files or content in the groups at the time of exam was very helpful. It was a great experience for me.
    Thank You ValeurHR.

  • testimonial1

    Ms. Randeep Kaur
    Chandigarh Group of Colleges, India

    vE is an interesting and an aiding platform with easy access features helping the users to work easily. It helps in the growth of the user to improve his/her performance.

  • testimonial1

    Ms. Palak Gupta
    APEX Institute of Management & Sciences, India

    My experience on vE is fantastic. I have learnt a lot of new things and come across new people. I get to know new and different ideas and get to know about the current thinking of students.
    It's a great initiative by ValeurHR to connect the students.

  • testimonial1

    Ms. Jaspreet Kaur
    Rayat Bahra University, India

    vE is a good tool which provides a platform for various communities. It has made team work easy as one can create as many groups as well as add unlimited no. of admins and members to it.It has made people to socialise and learn on a single platform.Its microlearning videos are outstanding and provides indebt knowledge.

  • testimonial1

    Mr. Mrijit Anand
    Shoolini University, India

    vE is very good platform.We can get in touch with other people also. Helps to learn more about various topics.

  • testimonial1

    Mr. Ankit Khandelwal
    APEX Institute of Management & Sciences, India

    vE is a great platform for the students to connect with other students and share their views and knowledge and also helps to learn new things.My experience till now on vE is great I come across new people and learn many things and love the interface of the platform. It’s a great platform to learn and connect with talented persons.

  • testimonial1

    Mr. Piyush Bansal
    MM University, India

    vE is a great platform to connect with different people and sharing useful documents and notes. The learning part is really great which helped me to know about market trends, it was a great learning experience for me.
    Thank You ValeurHR.

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ValeurHR Execution (vE)
Award Winning Business Execution Suite

Cloud Based
Anytime / Anywhere access
15+ modules to manage HR and other business operations
FREE for 30 days, then 1$ per user / per month
Robust & Scalable
60k+ users in more than 3 countries
used by Fortune 500 companies
Cutting edge Technology
Built on SAP HANA Platfiorm
Backed by Trust
250+ clients
9 Office around the globe
100+ projects executed
700+ Professionals


Employee Portal

A virtual platform to monitor employee lifecycle

Project Management

For management of day-to-day activities such as assigning and monitoring

Time Management

Helps to strike productivity in all levels within an organization

Financial Planning

Enables analytics of tractions to help you control costs and gain more from your investment

Collaboration Tool

Cloud based social collaboration platform for employees & various stakeholders interactions

Relationship Management

Helping the organization connect with its customers & partners towards sales, marketing and support.

Learning Management System

Facilitate process of on-the-job training of employees working in a company from multiple devices

Compliance & Benefits

Maintains and manages all benefits served to employees as per organization policy


Processes common payroll functions such as sending pay-slips, calculating salaries, deductions and taxes.


Tracks all stages in recruitment from application to on-boarding

Analytics and Reports

Gives detailed analytics and report of activities along with predictive analysis created on the basis of historical data

Performance Management

Performance of the workforce can be tracked and evaluated on the basis of defined cycle, while objectives can be set in advance and tracked

Onboarding & Seperation

Reduce manual paperwork & prevent redundancy when collecting data from new hires.

Succession Planning & Development

Identifying developing and retaining the best talent from the organization.


Deals with HR transitions related to finance and customer relationship activities


To enable maximum utilization of Travel expenses.


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    ValeurHR Execution (vE) - vE Education

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    ValeurHR Execution (vE) - Employee Portal

  • youtube video

    ValeurHR Execution (vE) - Time Management

  • youtube video

    ValeurHR Execution (vE) - Collaboration

  • youtube video

    ValeurHR Execution (vE) - LMS

  • youtube video

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