Case Study

Lovely Professional University (LPU)

Creating scalable learning environment with deemed SAP courses to bridge industry-academia gap with ValeurHR consulting

Headquarters: Jalandhar, India
Student Base: 25,000+
Industry: Education
Team Deployed: 12 members

Lovely Professional University (LPU) is a semi-residential university in the northern part of India, which was established under the Punjab State Private University Act 2005 and recognized by UGC under Section 2(f) of UGC Act 1956. The university offers about 200 courses at the diploma, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral levels. It has more than 25,000 students with academic staff strength of 3500.

  • To bridge the industry-academia gap by introducing more relevant courses and software tools
  • To cater to shortage of SAP certified professionals in the industry
  • To create a sustainable and IT enabled professional workforce
  • Build skilled and knowledge based resources through value-driven program
  • To become a university recognized for validated learning

To make students’ life-skill development scalable and effective with ‘train the trainer’ programs. The idea was to equip faculty members with high-end, industry relevant skills that could further be used to train and guide future professionals. LPU required a partner to extend constant support and handholding till the program is stable and the university achieves the expected and desired results.
As a premium SAP education partner for LPU, ValeurHR engaged to deploy SAP Solutions and products like SAP ABAP, SAP HR, SAP SD, SAP MM and SAP FI in the university to educate and train the students as well as the academia.

  • Life-skill development in students and academic
  • Software deployment
  • Consulting
  • Industry-academia Training
  • IT Infrastructure

  • Premium SAP Education partner
  • Strategic fit for a genuine partnership to meet business goals
  • Business execution partner with expertise in BPM services, specifically in the education sector
  • Provides industry expert session on processes and techniques of new trends in the market

  • LPU sought 2500 SAP user licenses as a pilot start to test for various learning modules through ValeurHR
  • Deployed dedicated team of 8 members, including industry SAP professionals, for the programme
  • Provide support to enable software deployment and infrastructure
  • Run comprehensive training programmes and address training issues
  • Extend support and handholding till the programme is stable and desired results are achieved by the university
  • Held information sessions by experts
  • Provided consulting services to the university to execute the faculty training in effective and authentic way
  • Trained LPU faculty using the right evaluation methods.

  • Building life skills for over 2500 participants
  • Increased admissions for LPU
  • Increased credibility in terms of academics &professional courses for LPU
  • Highly skilled faculty
  • SAP retention, better engagement and growth
  • Increased industry placements
Case Study

Six Capital Group

Building business models and workforce to execute with ValeurHR’s systems and solutions

Headquarters: Singapore
Industry: Financial Technology and Analytics
Team Deployed: 101 members
Regions Catered: India, China, Indonesia and Singapore

SIXCAP is a Singapore-based financial technologies, data analytics group, which has been harnessing people power to generate data that can be monetized. With this, the company has pioneered the world of ‘crowd-sourcing’ through its various revolutionary platforms.

The company aimed to grow further itsAsiancountries inIndia, China and Indonesia to do skill development, crowd sourcing, generating employment for massesthrough a revolutionary business model, underpinned with innovative processes and technologies to reduce risk and unlock new opportunities consistently.

  • To co-create with existing ecosystems.
  • Unlock new opportunities consistently in volatile markets, while keeping risks at a minimum.
  • To grow the business model and have bottom line impact of large numbers in “earn while you learn”.
  • To leverage the potential of data sourcing and strong analytics using talent from the crowd.

Strong Partner was required to expand business in the Asian market and achieve desired business goals. The vision was to leverage the potential of data sourcing and strong analytics using talent from the crowd. Single Partner, which helps in end-to-end business execution including business planning, developing new business models, setting up of COEs and UTCs, set up of ITinfrastructure, process execution, system implementation, technology enhancement and consulting services with end to end business process management.

  • Business Process Management
  • Ideating, setting up and managing Centers of Excellence across countries, delivering business objectives including revenues
  • Setting up UTCs (University Training Centers across countries)
  • IT Infrastructure
  • KPI Management and Achievement
  • Learning Management System
  • Application Tracking System
  • Performance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Workforce Planning & Analytics
  • Development Assessment

  • Strategic fit for a genuine partnership to meet business goals
  • Roadmap to guide, drive from front and provide support through the entire engagement for comprehensive results
  • One-stop solution of technology products, system implementation and process execution
  • Business execution partner with expertise in BPM services

  • SIXCAP engaged ValeurHR to set up BPM operations in India, Indonesia, China and Singapore.
  • Ideation, development,management and growth of business models in all the centres through planning, analytics and BPM tools and processes.
  • ValeurHR introduced and managed a strong BEM system to hire, assess, train and manage members across regions efficiently.
  • Execution to achieve end business goals.

  • Within two months, a Centre of Excellence (COE) was set up in Mumbai with 100 Big Data Sourcing and Analytics team members.
  • COE grew from 9 members in February 2015 to 300+ members in February 2016.
  • Created partnerships with 58 leading universities across India and 8 universities in Indonesia
  • 109,000+ trainees in India and around 26,000 trainees in Indonesia enrolled into the programme within 6 months
  • Initiative launched across India, Indonesia and Singapore.

  • Expand the R&D and Data Analytics Centers by the end of 2017to have 1 million members as a part of the community.
  • To empower talent in smaller towns and rural areas, for aspiring peopleand enable them to reach their goals. This initiative is being launched and lead byValeurHR across India, Indonesia, China, Singapore and further growing markets in Southeast Asia.
  • Develop 10,000+ workforce of Strong Data Analytics in India, Indonesia and China.
  • Build bigger ecosystem with 5 million plus members by end of 2017 to launch further new initiatives through co-creation
Case Study

Kandhari Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (KBPL)

Driving and managing workforce with business process management services of ValeurHR

Headquarters: Delhi
Industry: FMCG
Team Deployed: 6 members

Delhi-based company Kandhari Beverages Pvt. Ltd. (KBPL) has franchise rights from Coca-Cola Co. to sell a range of beverages in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, parts of Punjab and Haryana. KBPL operates 3 manufacturing facilities in Ambala, Nabipur and Baddi with production capabilities to manufacture aerated drinks, juice drinks and packaged water. The company’s distribution network reaches over 80,000 shopkeepers via a vast network of over 300 distributors.

  • To offer better employee experience to a large number of teams
  • To enable y-o-y growth in core business goals of revenue, costing, productivity and expansion to new geographies in less time
  • To provide infrastructure and professional management services to employees of KBPL
  • To introduce domain-centric solutions like process optimization & process reengineering for the whole organization to streamline systems and processes

To build and manage a market development team of over 450+ employees along with expanding the business in three prime states of North India, Coca Cola required strong support and guidance to achieve their desired business goals. The vision was to leverage the potential of workforce by offering the best to their employees. Hence, Coca Cola looked for a partner which helps in achieving goals by providing help in workforce management, payroll outsourcing, technology and consulting, along with business process management.

  • Business Process Management
  • Business Execution using ValeurHR BEM
  • Payroll Management
  • Workforce Planning and Analytics
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Training and Development

  • Strategic fit for a genuine partnership to meet business goals
  • Focus on client’s business goals on productivity, costing & KPI parameters
  • Business execution partner with expertise in business process management services in manufacturing and the FMCG industry
  • One-stop solution for workforce management, process execution and system implementation

  • 6 team members were assigned for the program
  • Enabled all workforce to be on smartphones offered by ValeurHR to track and manage each employee through GPS/geo tagging along with clients’ offices and its various partners
  • Initiated real-time tracking to monitor the attendance of employees and the sales they generate by installing bio-metrics/bar code systems
  • Implemented various solutions like payroll management, workforce management, performance management, etc. to achieve the desired goals
  • Set up ValeurHR BEM as part of the solution to streamline and automate day-to-day working

  • Successfully performed end-to-end management including, but not limited to, acquisition, payroll, performance management, promotion, and training for 400+ employees
  • Enforced successful consultation and management of overall HR Policy for 2500 plus employees
  • Successfully managed the performance through RED score of employees to drive them above the desired level to 65%
  • Successfully achieved the targets in terms of revenue, productivity, costing and expansion
Case Study

Experitest, a leading software company for mobile application testing had shortlisted India to expand it’s operations. Not only did it need help with expanding in terms of head count, it also required consulting to understand the Indian market to be able to set up their office and to start operating. With its expertise across industry, ValeurHR was in a position to assist them with the requirements and ensure that they are able to proceed with the expansion as per plans. We were able to help Experitest with highly talented contractual workforce within 15 days that could deliver successfully as per their requirements and now we are helping them ramp up six months ahead of schedule and at 30% less cost against what they had budgeted for.

Case Study

ValeurHR has been receiving the Preferred Partner award from Schneider Electric three years in a row by contributing to the growth of the company in various areas in India, including in their Energy business as well as developing their largest Global Shared Services business out of India. From Project Outsourcing to Staff Augmentation to entire Business Process Reengineering & Management, ValeurHR has enabled Schneider to achieve its goals from growth in India to reducing costs in specific divisions globally.

Case Study

ValeurHR has been a partner in growth to Six Capital by virtue of expanding their business in various geographies worldwide. ValeurHR contributed business transformation and optimization by providing value-added, domain-centric solutions with process optimization and reengineering. ValeurHR has collaborated with Six Capital on various fronts , including building up their entire Trader Acquisition and Development business in India, reaching from 9 to 350+ members in less than one year as well as managing their performance, growth, region, on boarding, et al and enabling the company to meets it business goals. ValeurHR consulted the company on business reengineering at a global level at Six Capital�s head quarters in Singapore through key process outsourcing for further growth in other countries including Indonesia and China. ValeurHR set up university training centers at renowned universities across India & Indonesia, which gives students and young graduates an opportunity to develop life skills in financial trading, as well as Partner Universities in meeting their goals on skill development and global corporate collaboration. ValeurHR today is responsible for handling end to end one of the three key pillars for the growth of Six Capital.

Case Study

One of the Fortune 500 companies of the world, Sapient Global Markets were on the look out for recruitment companies that can support their growth in hiring. That is where, ValeurHR's expertise of fastest TAT to close positions came handy. ValeurHR's consulting services fitted perfectly with the specific and large-scale requirement of Sapient. A team of recruiters were deployed at their office, who managed to close some critical senior level positions with them in the shortest possible time. ValeurHR's highly trained team, focus on the business needs of clients, and effective management built another successful story for the client and us. ValeurHR's relations with Sapient continue to grow today as well.

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