Execution is the single-biggest pillar of ‘strategy’. As companies continue to use strategy to boost business, managing its execution has become a challenge. In such times, business execution has become the key for companies that want to succeed. It is about quantifiable goals that are aligned to the appropriate strategy. This needs to be supported by the right people skills and doing the right things.

There has been a steady movement from cost, quality, and productivity to specialisation, process reengineering and technology-enabled platforms over the years. Companies are rapidly moving from strategy to execution. The process rests on two primary pillars—strategy that can be quantified and a productive people resource. As industries move from SLAs to multi-tenancy and non-linear growth, business execution requires an increased depth and breadth of services.

ValeurHR offers multiple offerings and outsourcing solutions like data analysis, real-time processing, business consulting et al. This is done with a mix of process optimisation, process engineering, specialisation and technology-enabled platforms like cloud computing, social media and mobility.


We manage the operations and delivery of processes effectively to lower the total cost of the business by assuming the risk of transition and future operations based on an agreed, committed scope


It is critical that organizations should be able to generate and monitor service levels and there we prove our ability to define, monitor and execute service levels in our shared services model.


Focus on strategic elements to give clear linkage to organisations between outcome vs resources spentby implementation of latest tools and processes to enhance productivity


Strategic reasons for setting up shared services is to achieve a greater degree of structural flexibility and improve learning across organisational boundaries to reposition strategies and reduce administrative trivia.

Whether it’s a large enterprise or recently launched startup, the success of every organization lies in hiring the right talent and creating a great vision. ValeurHR designs strategy for staff augmentation on the basis of the model of the organization in consideration. With our superior and expert decision-making skills, we help companies meet their staffing needs. We augment our clients’ workforce with skilled talent so that they can achieve their organizational objectives without delay.

  • Our dynamic business process management services add value to our client’s business interests.
  • We deliver uniform talent acquisition process across the globe.
  • We map the progress of our client’s organization scientifically.
  • Screen candidates to find right talent using online psychometric/ behavior and technical assessment.
  • Matching candidate’s expectation with client needs.
  • Ensure successful completion of hiring process by facilitating final negotiation.
  • Make post-hire analysis of staff

Recruitment and HR functions have become vital to the success of an organization. Talented and skilled-workforce are important pillars that balance the company’s functions.

For some organizations, it is difficult and burdensome to self-execute their HR functions. This is where the need for human resource outsourcing arises. We offer innovative HR technology tools and expertise to help you exceed your business goals. Our RPO model observes the client’s market and lets the organization improve their recruitment process. We also provide value by adding HR insights to our clients.


ValeurHR uses various technological tools such as SAP SuccessFactors, SAP HANA and our inbuilt technological innovations to enable suitable and customized payroll solutions so you can focus on revenue generation. We offer expert services to help plan your budget and control payroll functions. This function is also a part of the Business Execution suite ValeurHR offers

Here are some of the payroll functions ValeurHR delivers:

  • Ultimate payroll practices and technology solution
  • Simplified operations with quick turnaround time
  • Take care of complete employee lifecycle
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Adherence to compliances
  • Avoid penalties
  • Device solutions to employee issues

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